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peer-to-peer trading made safe and simple

Members can store and trade individual cards.  

 wündervault creates a unique NFT from each card and displays them on our opensea collection


Step 1

Become a member and send in the cards or packs of your choice. 

Step 2

Trade peer-to-peer on discord, twitter, telegram, reddit and other platforms.


Step 3

New owners can become a member to continue storage or request return shipment. 

Interested in joining our public Beta?
Drop your contact information below to learn more. 

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Trade with wündervault

nft secured trading and storage.

Store your collectible tradings cards in our fireproof, waterproof, temperature and humidity controlled safe then trade them anywhere and with anyone. Whether you are looking to perform a single buy / sell transaction or a holding place for your valuable cards, you have come to the right place. Send your trading card or sealed pack in to wundervault, then trade or sell them anywhere in the community. wundervault provides the trusted middle man service and allows you to easily transfer the ownership to a new party using digital property right NFT technology. Enjoy hassle free trades and keep your identity secure. After the transaction is complete, choose to have them shipped safely to the new owner or continue storing them for future trading. Rest assured that your cards are safe and secure.

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