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Issue #1 - Origin Story

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away.

"Hey, Kevin! I've got an idea!" - Zack

Kevin and I have been working on starting our own business, legend has it since college. Now, countless years later, in 2022, we are excited to offer our product directly to you -- our friends and family -- and also the world. Our business is wündervault, a remote storage solution for your valuable possessions and collectibles.

We all have those items that we need to keep safe. Our storage solution is designed for collectibles such as comic books, video games, vinyl records, trading cards and sports, movie and television memorabilia.

It used to be that the safest solution for your valuables was a safety deposit box, but in many cases, that literally does not physically fit your needs. Fewer banks are offering this service, with many banks even scaling back the number of local branches, making the safety deposit box less accessible.

WeLL, wHAt AbOUt ThE stORaGe UniT? We're glad you asked. Oftentimes, storage units are too large and too unsafe to store your delicate valuables. Sure, these locations will advertise and sell you a unit with "temperature" control, but try and investigate what that actually means, and you will find that there's no real guarantee that they will maintain a steady temperature while storing your items.

This is why Kevin and I created wündervault. Our storage solution is designed to provide safe and reliable storage that is accessible to everyone. When you sign up for our service, you carefully pack your items and ship them to the wündervault. Your unopened package is kept safe and comfortable at our secure temperature- and humidity-controlled location.

We are committed to building this community around our founding principles:

  1. Treat Your Collection with Respect

  2. Integrity is Paramount

  3. Give Back to the Creators

We've also partnered with an insurance company specializing in collectible items, providing you additional peace of mind by insuring your valuables with a true replacement cost of up to $5,000*, included with your subscription. That means if you send us your Dr. Fauci Baseball Card (valued at a staggering $4250), then we will insure it for that amount.

If you are ready to sign up now, go to our pricing and plan page to get started. If you have questions, reach out to us via email at, or using our website's chat feature.

We invite you to support us by purchasing a handmade t-shirt or die cut sticker from our shop and by following us on twitter, instagram and facebook.

*additional insurance available at very reasonable prices.

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