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Issue #4 – Ship Your Collectibles Like a Pro

Updated: May 18, 2022

Prepare Your Collectibles for Shipment and Storage

We spend a lot of time and hard-earned money on our collections. The items we collect reflect who we are. They may be whimsical, or historical, or investments. Regardless of what you collect and how big your collection is, collecting is an emotional endeavor.

Thus, shipping your collection, your precious valuables, in mint and near mint condition, your grails, your once-in-a-lifetime-purchases can be an anxiety-ridden experience; but it doesn’t have to be. Wundervault is here to save the day!

Prepare for the unknown

Here are some critical steps to ensure you collections arrives unscathed against your two biggest enemies: physics and chemistry

1) Assemble the proper packaging materials

Yes, packages can be dropped or mishandled – albeit unlikely – and moisture is the enemy of most collectibles. I just want to say just one word to you, just one word: plastics Mr. McGuire wasn’t wrong, some inexpensive plastic bubble wrap, packaging tape, and a foam lined box is the perfect vehicle for shipping.

Gene, Hans, & Microchip’s first supergroup tour!

More comfy than carbonite

Note: For shipping comics in short or long boxes, wrap the boxes in plastic cellophane around the sides and from top to -bottom, then secure with packaging tape around centers and corners.

2) Ensure interior spaces are filled to avoid the dreaded “scrambled egg” phenomenon

Individually wrap each item with bubble wrap and secure with packaging tape; then wedge some extra wrap in between the gap spaces to minimize friction while the items are in transit.

Stage I complete

Use additional bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, dirty socks (not really), to fill the empty spaces before sealing the package with more tape.

Stage II complete

Note: The heavier the item / more valuable the item’s condition is, the more interior buffer space you want to have between the box and the item (e.g., vintage video game console, American Girl Dolls) Crushed newspaper can be a cheaper alternative to plastic bubble wrap in some circumstances.

3) The Finishing Touches

Be a hero by ensuring packaging tape is covering the shipping label as well. This avoids smudging issues if you order a UPS pickup to your location and an unexpected sun shower spritzes on your items. Also, mark the package “Fragile” on the top and sides of the package to ensure the logistics professional will take extra care of your items. Plus, it’s Italian! If the value of your collection exceeds $5,000, please reach out to us to ensure you have the proper insurance coverage.

Uncle Ben would approve

More questions?

If you’re not sure how to package your collection for shipment, give us a call 240-650-7712. We would be happy to help you with specific recommendations for your items!

Happy collecting!


At wündervault, we offer premium storage with true replacement cost insurance to our subscribers. In this issue we impart the knowledge of proper packing for our customers looking to send wündervault their collectibles for safe keeping. Our vault service is temperature and humidity controlled with 24 surveillance monitoring. We provide the framework so you can rest assured that your collection will retain their condition and value over time.

Please follow wündervault on our social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or own a piece of our story by score all the latest wündervault swag at our shop. You can reach out to with any questions or drop us a line via chat.

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