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Issue #2 - What's in the name?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

One of the first things you do when you start a company is pick the name. It’s the first step in giving your business idea an identity, and I always find it interesting to hear the stories of how company names came to be. Here's a short blurb on wündervault.

The word wünder was inspired by the by the wunderkammer of the 16th century. These cabinets of curiosities were made popular by aristocrats and rulers. According to wikipedia they "...served not only as collections to reflect the particular curiosities of their curators but as social devices to establish and uphold rank in society".

So you might say, great definition, but why go with German? Two reasons:

  1. Its fun to say. The w makes the v sound and the umlaut adds additional charm to the pronunciation. Need help on the sound? Check out this video to brush up on your umlaut.

  2. The umlaut makes a little smiley face.


The first iteration of our logo is below, from 2019. A little dinosaur / dragon that I found after scrolling through pages of google image search for something that felt right to go along with the text "wundervault", full of google-inspired colors and fun fonts.

Below is the current and official version of the wündervaut logo. We found it's clean ascetic and incorporation of the umlaut to be a strong representation of the company we were looking to build.

What do you have in your wunderkammer today and what will you send to wündervault to keep safe for the years to come? Whether it is sports memorabilia, trading cards, action figures, comic books, vinyl records, entertainment memorabilia from your favorite, play, movie or tv shows, fine art, stamps and more, we have you covered. Check out our pricing plans.

You can own a piece of our story by ordering a die cut sticker or handmade t-shirt from our web store. ü

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