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Convention Season Just Around the Corner

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Are you digging yourself out of a foot or more of snow right now? Do you have a sheet of ice on your windshield? Well I got some hot news to melt you out of your winter blues.

wündervault is exciting to be exhibiting at TWO of the regional conventions this year and attending several others. Get in on the fun from a distance by checking our collection of fun conference photos and following us on twitter.

Do you need a little more awesome in your life? Like meeting celebrity guest, Sean Astin, or Sylvester McCoy! Then you should be looking to attend Awesome Con in Washington, DC, on June 3rd - 5th, 2022. Attend all 3 days of the conference for a cool $85. Badge info can be found here.

If you are more of the trading card, anime and pop culture conference, then look no further than Collect-A-Con! You want to stop, collaborate and LISTEN to special guest Vanilla Ice and see the other special guests. wündervault will exhibit specifically at the Dallas show on May 28th - 29th of 2022. A two day pass is only $45, a price that can't be beat. If you don't live in the great state of Texas and still want to mess with Collect-A-Con, there's Orlando, Charlotte, Long Beach, Kansas City, and Denver.

It is nearly impossible to make it out of a conference without adding to your collection. Keep your collection safe with our wündervault simple storage solutions. Whether its sports memorabilia, trading cards, action figures, comic books, vinyl records, entertainment memorabilia from your favorite, play movie or tv shows, fine art, stamps and more. Check out our storage pricing plans or own a piece of our story by ordering a die cut sticker or handmade t-shirt from our web store.


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